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About Company

GOLDEN TECHNOLOGIES established in 2004 is a professional cable wire equipment manufacturer in China. The mission of Golden Technologies is to become the leading wire equipment manufacturer in the world.

During the last 15 years of development history GOLDEN has kept pursuing the improvement of technology and product quality. We believe only strong and stable quality can make our company stronger and stronger day by day. Our machines are exported to over 60 different countries like Germany, Poland, Italy, Russia, Thailand, South Africa, India, Bangladesh and more.


GTLAN - LAN Cable Making Machine

Delivery In 16 Weeks
LAN Cable Machine High-Speed PVC XLPE

GTAUTO - Golden's Automotive Extrusion Line

Delivery In 16 Weeks
Automotive Line Automotive Cable High-Speed

GTPOWER - Power Cable Line

Delivery In 16 Weeks
Sheathing Line Power Cable XLPE

GTBUILDINGWIRE - House Wiring Line

Delivery In 16 Weeks
House Wiring Line High-Speed House Wiring Low-Speed PVC XLPE